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Log / Lin Workflow

Many digital cameras now record in a log format (Alexa LogC, REDlogFilm, Sony S-Log, etc.). This is a quick overview of dealing with the log images through a visual effects & color grading pipeline. The following footage is from an early RED Scarlet prototype: Log2Lin – Visual Effects One main benefit of the Cineon […]

Bit-Depth & Linear Light

This is an elementary introduction to the concepts of bit-depth and linear light in relation to digital imaging. Both these topics play a factor in digital compositing, color grading, and rendering computer generated images. Bit-Depth: An RGB image is comprised of at least 3 separate grayscale image channels (red, green, and blue) that, when combined, […]

Adobe Premiere Pro to Apple Color Round-Trip

This tutorial is mainly focused on a RED .R3D workflow, but the same concept applies to any source footage (just skip steps 3-4). Premiere Pro and Apple Color XML formats differ slightly, and ┬ásending edits directly between the two apps can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, Final Cut Pro sits somewhere in-between and can read both […]