Adobe Premiere Pro to Apple Color Round-Trip


This tutorial is mainly focused on a RED .R3D workflow, but the same concept applies to any source footage (just skip steps 3-4).

Premiere Pro and Apple Color XML formats differ slightly, and  sending edits directly between the two apps can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, Final Cut Pro sits somewhere in-between and can read both XML formats, thus allowing for a Premiere-to-FinalCut-to-Color workflow.

The following method also works if you have any merged clips in Premiere, which can be problematic when sending an xml straight to Davinci Resolve for example (some clips go offline).

A side-note is that you can use this method to get merged clips from Premiere into Resolve. Just follow steps 1-6, and then import the resulting XML into Resolve instead of Color.

Software Required:

1. Edit .R3D files in Premiere Pro (any sequence resolution)

2. Export XML_#1 from Premiere Pro (File->Export->Final Cut Pro XML)


3. Generate QuicktimeWrappers in RCX-Pro for all .R3D clips



4. Open XML_#1 in a text editor and replace all instances of “_001.R3D” with one of the following:

  • “” -Full Resolution
  • “” -Half Resolution
  • “” -Quarter Resolution
  • “” -Eighth Resolution

NOTE: Some text editors support wildcard search terms. A grep search would be “_[^\x00][^\x00][^\x00].R3D”


5. Import XML_#1 to Final Cut Pro


6. Export XML_#2 from Final Cut Pro (right-click on sequence and choose Export->XML)


7. Import XML_#2 to Color (File->Import->XML)



NOTE: At this point, if any RED footage is still missing, try saving a backup .colorproj and run it through this You can read more about Color’s handling of r3d files on

8. Render footage in Color

9. Export XML_#3 from Color (File->Export->XML)


10. Import Color XML_3 to Final Cut Pro (File->Import->XML)


11. Export XML_#4 from Final Cut Pro (right-click on sequence and choose Export->XML)


12. Import XML_#4 to Premiere Pro



That should do it. I haven’t tested this extensively, but as long as the Premiere edits / transitions are supported in the Final Cut XML export, they should carry over to Color.

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